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Phoebe Sullivan

Integrative Psychotherapist and Breathwork Facilitator
Website: Phoebe Sullivan
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With the global (re)awakening to the healing potential of psychedelic medicines, many individuals are embarking on psychedelic journeys. These journeys can be both exquisitely beautiful and utterly terrifying. Whatever the experience, integration is an essential part of the process to process the insights so that they may be fuel for growth, healing and self-development. In understanding the innate compassion and intelligence of the medicines, anything that emerges during a trip does so to be healed.

I hold a warm, compassionate space for you to safely explore your journey of healing, growth and meaning making. Meeting discomfort, with gentle understanding, we can journey together to help you re-align with your essence and embody your full potential. I think of my approach as integrative, meaning I combine various skills and frameworks from my background in creative art psychotherapy, breathwork, transpersonal psychology and my interests in embodiment, IFS and archetypal ways of working. As each individual is unique, so is the journey. I hope my fusion of psychotherapeutic knowledge, study of psychedelic medicines, passion for breathwork and own humble experience as spiritual practitioner and student of yoga will display my sincere and heartfelt mission to guide individuals through their own healing journey, towards wholeness.

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