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Justine Corrie

Core Process Psychotherapist Justine Corrie Psychotherapy
Work 25 Uphills Bruton BA10 0ES United Kingdom Work Phone: 07812 058994 Website: Justine Corrie Psychotherapist
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The profound nature of a psychedelic experience can be overwhelming to make sense of on one’s own. I offer a safe & confidential space to integrate non-ordinary states of consciousness that are induced by psychedelic substances or spiritual emergence.

Integrating the psychedelic experience is absolutely essential for the achievement of personal growth. It’s easy to take a psychedelic and have your mind profoundly altered. But extracting all of the meaningful goodness out of a psychedelic experience requires intention and support; an intention to process the experience through reflection, introspection, writing, reading, talking to others, and other means of exploration. This helps to clarify and ground the insights and turn them into action in the real world.

I draw upon many different modalities & frameworks including Mindfulness, Archetypes, Somatic Bodywork, Internal Family Systems, Trauma Therapy & Embodied inquiry via body-based and movement practices.

I maintain ethical integrity of my psychedelic integration work via participation in MAPS Integration Providers network and engagement with latest developments in Psychedelic Science.

Professional Membership:UKCP Registered

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