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Coming back to the real world after a peak psychedelic experience can be incredibly disorienting, bewildering, lonely and anxiety provoking. How do you make sense of these spectacular or frightening things you have just experienced? How do you make changes based on your new insights? Who can you talk to who won’t make you feel like you are a crazy person?
Or perhaps you have had a “bad trip” and feel like no one is interested in hearing about it. Through psychedelic integration, we can work together to help you to make meaningful and considerate changes in your life.
We can delve into both the light and dark aspects of your experience, and the world of psychedelics in general. Exploring the psychedelic world in an educated and discerning way, with your eyes wide open, enables you to look after your safety and work towards having the best possible outcome.
Psychedelic integration involves moving towards wholeness, bringing together your differentiated parts into the creation of a functioning whole. By making meaning of your experience and moving it forward, you can integrate it into your everyday reality. The integration process, when done well, takes time and is continuously evolving. The key is to find out what works for you, I can help you with that.
I am an experienced Integrative and Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapist, and I am incredibly passionate about my work. I have personally experienced transformational and life-changing results from working with psychedelics and expansive states of consciousness evoked through meditation, ceremony and breathwork.
Through my personal work and the subsequent integration process, I have overcome both physical illness and psychological distress. This is why I am so enthusiastic to work in this field, to help people heal and be happier.
I have undertaken comprehensive training within the field of navigating psychedelics and integrative psychotherapy, as well as having twenty years of nursing experience, bringing a wealth of physical and mental health knowledge.
If you would like to begin a new journey towards integration, making positive changes in your life and feeling healed within, please visit my website and contact me to arrange a free twenty-minute introductory session. I will feel honoured and humbled to witness your healing journey, walking you home to wholeness.
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