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Hannah Raine-Smith

Integrative Psychotherapist & EMDR Practitioner
North Street Bristol United Kingdom Website: The Portable Therapist
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I am an integrative psychotherapist and doctoral researcher with a specialisation in working with trauma using attachment-focused EMDR therapy. I have adapted EMDR techniques to aid the integration of psychedelic material that emerges from the subconscious. I use bilateral stimulation of the brain to facilitate this process and have found that it works very well. I have recently been working with a number of clients receiving ketamine infusions at clinics in the UK, which has been great because these therapies compliment each other to good effect.

I am experienced at holding the space for people integrating traumatic memories/experiences and I am attuned and skilled at keeping clients in their ‘window of tolerance’ when integrating difficult material. You will be in safe hands. I believe that preparation is key when it comes to psychedelic healing and aim to guide you through your process.

I also offer supervision.

Please do not contact me requesting psychedelic psychotherapy, it is not something I offer. I solely work with preparation and integration.

Professional Membership:Registered Member MBACP (Accredited)

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